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Effects of a Ripple

In an article at Joyful Jubilant Learning, Penelope Trunk is quoted as saying, “If you build a strong network, its effects will ripple."

I like the word ripple and what it implies about influencing your world, family, friends and teams.

There are many ways to create ripples and they spread in untold directions. They affect their immediate surroundings the most; yet can still make impressions on the other side of the pond. 

Each individual splash adds ripples, creating new forms and combinations of ripples. Ripples are more frequent and sustainable than their larger counterparts, such as a wave or tsunami. Ripples make a difference, but a difference that does not turn the world upside down. Ripples rock the boat, but they do not capsize it. 

Effects that ripple keep going until their reach is exhausted, often well out of sight of the original source. 

Ripples require action, yet are so natural that they may go unnoticed. Without frequent “splashes” ripples give way to stillness. 

Go ahead – Start A Ripple

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