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Physics of Ripples

A little lesson on the physics of ripples, a ripple is a disturbance through a medium.  The reality is that it is a wave of energy from a source.  If the source sends out energy pulses in a synchronized manner the waves or ripples will grow in magnitude, this is called constructive interference.  If the energy source sends out waves in a random manner then some waves will cancel out other waves because they are out of phase with each other.  This is called destructive interference.  The lesson you can teach your people is that consistency is everything because you will not cancel out the good you are doing.

          When waves pass through from one medium to another you get reflection where some waves are bounced back to the source and refraction where the other waves continue on into the new medium at a different angle.  The Kingdom of God is one medium and the world is another medium, if you send negative waves out into the world reflection will occur and these negative waves will always come back to the source be it an individual or a church.  These negative waves will distort and nullify the good waves that are being sent out from the energy source.  When refraction occurs the negative waves will bend off at angles you never predicted and will affect others in a way you never intended.  Reflection and refraction works just the same with doing good, it reflects back on the source and it refracts in ways you never could predict and affects many.

          I am sure that the Lord designed the physical laws after his spiritual laws because they seem to behave in similar manner.

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