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Mission's Strategy for Evangelism - M.E.W.S.


  • M.ISSION: Gather 2 Scatter (Acts 1:8, 8:1)

  • E.MPOWERMENT: Receive Power 

  • W.ITNESS: My Witnesses, Is. 43:10,12; 44:8)

  • S.TRATEGY: Ripples out in Concentric Circles

The ministries that we are connected with in CANADA represent the E3 portion of the M.E.W.S. Strategy.


Grace inn

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After two years of labour and community support, the doors of Grace INN Shelter opened December 16th, 2019. Grace INN, located at 315 Church St. is a 21 bed emergency shelter for adults in downtown Belleville, with a special focus on dignity, community and mentorship.

Every night in our city there are people with nowhere to go. Some sleep on park benches, a tent in the woods or a strangers couch. Others stay up all night in 24 hour coffee shops. Grace INN is changing that.

Homelessness is, among other things, a series of losses. A loss of a home of course, but often also, a loss of relationships, a loss of choices, a loss of safety, a loss of hope. 

Grace INN works to restore dignity to the difficult experience of homelessness, helping people to feel safe, valued, and empowered. 

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Rob Crisp

Executive Director

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