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Mission's Strategy for Evangelism - M.E.W.S.


  • M.ISSION: Gather 2 Scatter (Acts 1:8, 8:1)

  • E.MPOWERMENT: Receive Power 

  • W.ITNESS: My Witnesses, Is. 43:10,12; 44:8)

  • S.TRATEGY: Ripples out in Concentric Circles

The ministries that we are connected with in ALBERTA represent the E2 portion of the M.E.W.S. Strategy.


Runfree Counselling Centre

Runfree Counselling Centre2.png

Registered psychologist, Graham Bretherick, has been providing Christian counselling services since 1981. Graham’s passion for people coupled with his desire to see people come to true freedom led to the formation of Run Free Ministries Association in September 29, 2006.

As time has passed, requests for Biblical counsel have increased and the need for freedom has become ever more apparent. Graham and his board of directors wrestled with ideas of how people could get easier access to Biblical counsellors in the city of Lethbridge. They invited others into the conversation and have formed a united group of people in the Lethbridge area who are passionate about the community and its well-being.

Through much prayer and discussion, the vision for a Biblical counselling centre was conceived. Thanks in part to the many in our community who shared this vision, and generously gave their gifts, time and prayers, this venture has become a reality. We are thrilled that Run Free Counselling Centre, a not-for-profit organization, run by a volunteer board, was incorporated on March 26, 2019.

We now welcome you to join us on our journey to see Lethbridge RUN FREE!

Ways to Connect

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Graham & Sherry Bretherick


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